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Mini League~!
United States
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:new: Hello~! I have come to realize that once school starts again, I will have little to no time to manage the club, so... does anyone want it? If you do, please note the club. You must be willing to keep it running as best as you can... please don't let it die!

Hello, all, and welcome to the mini league~! This club is for those who would like to join a battle club but aren't at extremely high levels with their team yet or simply want to play with some other Pokemon that they've been training. We will be having several tournaments for different occasions which will start once we have enough members. Also, those who want to get a little more exposure for their Pokemon fanart can submit it to the Mini League Gallery. And now, to go through some of the rules and how-tos...

To join, you must:

:bulletred: Send a note with the subject 'JOINING' or something similar.
:bulletred: Supply us with your friend code if you wish to participate in any tournaments. We will eventually make a listing of all of our members who have submitted a friend code so please, PLEASE tell us if you'd rather that we kept your code off of the list. Some people like to give their code out only to certain people; we understand.
:bulletred:Have either Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl (if you plan on battling other memebers)
:bulletred: +devwatch :+devwatch: the club. We will be keeping you up to date through journals, so watching the club will keep you from missing important updates!
:bulletred: PLEASE link to the club in your journal or signature or something. More people promoting the club means more members to battle with in the future!
:bulletred: Have a love of Pokemon!

To battle, you must:

:bulletblue: Use only Pokemon that are level 60 or below. This is, after all, a mini league!
:bulletblue: Have a Wifi connection
:bulletblue: Play fairly, please... no hacked Pokemon with over-the-top stats! That's dishonest and makes the battles less enjoyable.

ALSO NOTE: We will set up lists of trainers that want to battle depending on their level... like, if the highest level Pokemon you have in the team you want to use is level 50, you'd be placed in the level 50 and under category. Likewise, if the highest you want to use is level 45, you'd be placed in the level 45 and under category. We will go by increments of five here. Also, we will have a special listing for those who want to battle using Pokemon all of the same level (all level 50, all 30, etc.).

We will be having several tournaments in the Mini League. More information will be posted once a tournament is announced.

If you would like to submit a Pokemon fanart to the Mini League gallery, send a note to either the club with the title 'SUBMISSION' or something similar. In your note, include

:bulletpurple: A link to the image you want to submit
:bulletpurple: If you already submitted it to dA, please copy your description for it and paste it into the note. If you put it on an image hosting site, please add a description in your note.
:bulletpurple: Whether or not you want comments on your image disabled in the club gallery. If you don't tell us whether or not you want people to be able to comment on your work here, we will allow people to leave comments on it here.

:star:GENERAL RULES:star:
:bulletgreen: Please be civil to other members... I doubt that this will be a problem, but I'm just throwing it out there.
:bulletgreen: If you've entered a tournament, please tell us in advance if you're dropping out of it so we can pair up your partner with someone else! If you fail to inform us in advance if you're dropping out of a tournament, you will either be banned from the new tournament or you will be able to play in the next tournament but, regardless of how well you do, you will not be able to participate in the final round.

:new::spotlight-left:COMING SOON~!:spotlight-right:
:star:Tournaments for positions of gym leaders or elite members!
:star:Occasional tournaments for set level groups, sometimes with prizes like Phione and other eggs!
:star:Trading service- Easily find someone who's willing to trade a Pokemon that you want!
:star: The weekly Lucky Number Show (like on Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal!)- match the lucky number and win!
:star:Fanart contests for those who love to draw!

Member List
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--Affilates: :icondapokemonleague::iconhikari-fans::iconpokedex::iconpokefemale-club::iconpokemonrebirthclub:

Also, we can be found in the Pokemon Directory :iconpokemon-directory:!

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